Leader in Italy and worldwide

A leading manufacturer of industrial blades, AFFILOR is the reference point in the sectors of plastics, recycling, metal, wood and paper since three generations.

Testing of new materials, the systematic research to improve durability and reliability of the blades, the application of the most advanced technologies, constant innovation in the production processes made our blades unique and make Affilor the trusted partner for all those professionals who are looking for uncompromising quality.

At your service since 1933

AFFILOR has come a long way since 1933, when Arturo Lorenzon founded the company. Everything has changed: technologies, production processes, customer needs and markets too. What has never changed is the passion for our work, the focus on our customers and the commitment to a production at the highest levels; values that escorted us through three generations.

Attention to customer's needs and expert assistance are the added value that makes Affilor a trusted and reliable partner.
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